Dear friends,

One day at work, a co-worker shared an experience that transformed my life. He showed me a bottle of wine, explained how far he drove to get it, how much he paid and made me read a tasting note explaining all his efforts.

I got curious, so I began asking him suggestions for buying wine, every weekend. Initially with a very limited budget. Quickly, I got caught in the game and budget became more important, until it became disturbing and I had to slow down!

However, I learned something great along the way. I know now that tasting a fine wine is a profound, spiritual experience. It involves many senses; sight, touch, taste, smell. Our brain activates, rationally emotionally and even spiritually. Rationally, we try to identify, to name a familiar smell or flavor. Even if we fail, our memories are activated. Many emotions attached to these memories invade us.

"Weather was perfect, it was on the country side, at grandma's, it was very early in the morning, grandma was still asleep, I was out by myself barefoot, the grass was full of dew, I felt free like the air."

Several smells remind me of this happy moment, as well as many others lived in my early childhood. Many wines have allowed me to reconnect with countless happy moments. It is not necessary to spend all our fortune to live this kind of experience. It’s a spiritual experience, one of gratitude, understanding that this kind of deep experiences can only come from our loving father!

Finding the way to share these experiences is a big challenge as fine wine connoisseur !

My personal goal with the reopening of the Restaurant Chez Véro is to serve as a guide while you navigate the world of wine, respecting your thirst, your budget and your pace. At each event, we will present a succession of dishes and wines cleverly paired, allowing you to taste, experiment and progress in your journey.

Many of you know Vero’s formula regarding the succession of dishes. For my part, I will clarify the formula regarding the wine tasting to pair the food. Each wine tasting will include a flight of at least 4 wines, for a total of approximately 500ml of wine per person (a little over half a bottle per person).

Some will still be thirsty, we will be ready. For those who are not that thirsty, half a portion will be available for all 4 services.

The selection of wines will always be published in advance to make you salivate a little! Two levels of quality will always be offered, the first being more basic or economic, the second level offering reserve or higher quality wines. When I will receive the request, and will be able to organize it, I will go further and offer a tasting of even greater wines for those who want and can afford it.

It is with great joy and anticipation as a family that we expect to share with you, dear friends, the happiness that we associate with tasting fine cuisine and fine wines.


Receive dear friends, our most sincere greetings! Au Plaisir!


Jean-Francois Richer Restaurant Chez Vero