Dear Friends,

As you know, in December 2015 our family embarked on a great adventure.  The opening of Restaurant Chez Véro enjoyed rapid success, surpassing all expectations.  Our mission was simple: combine our passion for fine cuisine and good wine to supplement our family income.


Those who participated in our endeavor can testify that the task was daunting.  Seeking excellence at all levels, the concept of opening a restaurant in our home, one night a week, proved to be very time consuming in the performance of:

  • Weekly development of food and wine tasting menus with correct molecular pairing.
  • Research and the timely acquisition of wines in a market where supply is limited.
  • Translation and publication of menus in three languages (French, English, Spanish).
  • Maintenance of social media advertising

Those who know us well understand that our primary motivation is to continue fulfilling our spiritual objectives, sharing our faith, helping others to understand the Bible and to benefit from its principles. 

Richer preaching.jpg

Thus, we have volunteered to perform this work in the Dominican Republic, supporting ourselves with part-time work that enables us to focus on our primary spiritual activities. 

When we first opened Restaurant Chez Vero, we soon discovered how easy it was to lose the balance we had sought.  Our decision to suspend the restaurant activities reflected that realization.

For the past 18 months we have continued to receive numerous inquiries on a weekly basis, from many countries, all curious and hopeful regarding the reopening of Restaurant Chez Véro and the opportunity to sit at our table.  We’ve been deeply moved by these requests. 

Our decision to reopen is in response to your demand.  However, due to the time constraints on our activities described above, we are reopening on a limited basis only.  At this time Restaurant Chez Véro will be open only for special occasions, as will be soon noted on our reservation calendar.

We take this opportunity to thank you all for being a part of our family adventure.  You are at the heart of our success and we appreciate your support.

Our warmest regards and feelings …Au Plaisir!


Véronique, Jean-Francois, Georges-Étienne, Laurent and Julien

Restaurant Chez Véro's team xxxx